Do you excessively clench your jaw or grind your teeth (bruxism)? Have you been told by others that you do? Some may subconsciously clench under stress while working, wake up from sleep to hear their partner or child grinding in their sleep, or have known about their own habit for years. Many factors play a part in the root cause of grinding.

Causes of Tooth Grinding:

-Sleep Disorders

-Lifestyle Factors



-Abnormal Bite

Are you unsure if you suffer from bruxism? Have you been told that you do, but arent quite convinced? Does this list resonate with you?

Symptoms of Tooth Grinding:


-Facial or Ear Pain

-TMJ/Jaw Popping

-Disrupted Sleep

-Fractures of Teeth

-Loose or Loss of Teeth

-Inflammation or Recession of Gums

In most patients, bruxism is mild to moderate. Regardless, it can be painful and frustrating. By combining occlusal management (use of guards/splints) with behavioral management (stress/lifestyle), you can find relief.

Treatment for Tooth Grinding:

-Bite Guards


-Regular Dental Visits


-Sleep Therapy

-Lower Caffeine Intake

At your next visit, let us know if you are suffering from the effects of teeth grinding. We will create a treatment plan for you that will not only give you relief, but also prevent further damage to your teeth and jaw.

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