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I've always had a great experience. Been going for years.
Rena Smith
13:23 09 Jan 12
Very friendly, makes you feel as if your family, and They didnt hurt me ????????????, never knew i was getting work done, love to go to the Dentist now????????, clean ,white,Teeth????????????
Donna Williams
12:59 06 Dec 17
Love them! They are so friendly and gentle. I now love going to the dentist! You won't regret giving them a call. Best dentist in the area!
Sharley Hamm
18:34 12 Feb 18
Iíve just started going to Midtown Dental! I love the office friendly and very nice..Dr Lauren is nice she told me everything she was going to do and in detail . Love my Bethany and Stevey works hard and makes sure Iím happy, she seeks whatever I need Iím grateful. Keep up the good work ladies.....
Zhaneshia Jones
21:43 16 Jun 18
very nice office and staff
Midtown Dental
14:20 22 Oct 18
Iíve been a patient here for all my life and have always enjoyed and benefited from their quality services and care. The new office is very nice and has some of the most cutting edge technology. The best dentists, hygienist, and office staff in Jackson by far!
DJ Lumpkin
14:56 08 Nov 18
Always a fantastic experience here. The staff is super helpful with any questions and they are always very cheerful and kind. Plus the offices are gorgeous. I would definitely recommend!
Emily Wright
15:39 09 Nov 18
I have been a patient of Dr. Gregory Dukes for 33 years. I am really satisfied with Dr. Santarufo. Integrity and commitment to her patients. The entire staff is very professional, competent, and efficient. I love the way they follow up with your treatment regiment to make sure you get exceptional quality care every time you enter their doors. They really make you feel like family. Stevey is among one of the best in the business. The dental group as a whole Exhibits that they care. They are Caring Accomodating -Respectful-and exceed your own expectations
Joyce Lumpkin
04:42 12 Nov 18
Great service every visit????????
Victor Newson
19:07 08 Nov 18
Eastover Dental is the best dental office in the city. Stevie is awesome! All of the Staff is really friendly. Such a warm office. I have been a patient for over 20 years now. I started out with Dr. Duke and he has left everything in good hands with Stevie, Danny, Dr. Santarufo, Sarah and all the dental hygienists. ????????????
LaKenya Moore
17:22 13 Nov 18
I noticed Eastover Dental Clinic one day while headed home and decided to give them a try. Came in for a cleaning and itís definitely one of the best cleanings Iíve ever received! the staff is efficient and makes you and your teeth feel cared for!
DeLana Ector
20:02 13 Nov 18
I absolutely recommend this dental firm! Despite me having an extremely rough day, they worked with me tand provided the best detailed options to pursue. And they cheered me up greatly! You guys are the best!
Calvin Black
17:16 13 Nov 18
Stevie was very helpful with assisting me. The dentist Mrs. Santarufo was also very nice and patient. She did an excellent job. I give her and all of the staff 5 stars.
Sheila Staten
20:12 26 Nov 18
Iíve been a patient for 10 years. The office has moved and garners a new name but the dentist, staff, customer service, and trusted care has remained. Their punctuality is unbeatable, donít expect any waiting. The office is beautiful and is equipped with the latest equipment. Itís always a pleasing experience.
Christi Payton
02:22 19 Dec 18
Eastover Dental was recommended to me by a friend and I was very pleased with the friendly, professional service I received from everyone I encountered - office staff, dental hygienist, and dentist. I would happily recommend them.
Amy Galyon
02:20 07 Feb 19
Fabulous experience!!! Much better than past attempts. Great results! See Stevie and Kalesha!
Jane Miller
17:42 19 Feb 19
The staff is very friendly. Been going here for years, but love the new spot and the new addition to the staff!
Jennifer Young
19:48 15 Mar 19
Great staff!!!! Amazing location and office! Hygienist Williams is amazing and always encouraging! Ms. Stevie also rocks! If youíre looking for a great office in a top notch location with top notch service, make Eastover your new office! ??
Stanika Hutton
14:27 22 May 19
I've always been pleased with Dr. Watson and his assistants. The new offices are great.
Michael Farrell
13:52 24 Jul 19
Friendly staff and clean office. My problem is with Dr. Lauren Santarufo. She is nice and friendly but inexperienced. Other doctors will try to save your teeth but she will want to perform procedures she is not capable of performing. My crown had been paining me for over a year. It hasn't been right until I saw another dentist who helped me find relief from her mistake.
Lisa G
18:36 23 Sep 19
Great clinic with wonderful staff! I highly recommend!
Cindy Mills
16:44 09 Oct 19
Great clinic! Very professional and prompt. Highly recommend!
jessica edwards
16:23 23 Oct 19
Great team of people. The whole experience was pleasing. Will be back again in the near future.
Jaye Coleman
22:43 31 Oct 19
LOVE....LOVE.... LOVE Dr Westover and the team at Eastover Dental. I am/was a new patient and from the 1st time I made an appointment over the phone, I knew then this was going to be a great experience! They express kindness and Dr Westover is very understanding, and patient. Sylvia, Bethany and Stevie are so thoughtful. I know I am not their ONLY patient, however.. they make me feel as if I AM!! Yíall all rock!
Renee Godbold
21:56 18 Nov 19
I was very satisfied with my experience as a new patient at Eastover Dental. My hygienist was very kind and the employees at the front desk helped me use my new insurance for the first time. However I was shocked when I received my bill. It was way higher than expected with the note: ďEvidently you have used this insurance somewhere else... We were not made privy to this info.Ē I knew this was not true. After forty minutes on the phone with my insurance company, it turns out Iím only covered for one X-Ray a year, but they gave me two.I had no major issues going on. I just wanted a routine cleaning, but obliged their requests for multiple X-rays as a new patient, resulting in a bunch of money down the drain. I recognize that it is ultimately my responsibility to be knowledgeable about my coverage and advocate for myself in these situations. However, I am disappointed in the staffís lack of understanding concerning coverage.
Anna Smiley
00:13 21 Nov 19
Love this awesome dental office! Dr Santarufo, Sara Bain, and Stevie are the best around.
Debbie Duke
12:25 20 Nov 19
Best my teeth have looked in a long time following my cleaning appt. at Eastover
Gregory Duke Sr
17:07 04 Dec 19
Very impressed with the new office. The staff is always very friendly. Dr. Watson always seems to have the latest equipment (3D X-ray!). I have always been impressed by how knowledgable and professional, and friendly, Dr. Watson is when I come in for visits. I would highly
Chip Fisher
14:13 05 Dec 19
Eastover Dental provided fast and friendly service when I needed it. I had a urgent dental problem and I was able to see the dentist the same day that I called them.
17:06 06 Dec 19
I received excellent treatment today by my dental assistant and all personnel involved. I recommend you try Eastover Dental for all your dental needs. You will not be disappointed!!!
Hilda Mcadory
22:05 16 Dec 19
Eastover Dental has a beautiful facility and an amazing staff. I canít say enough about Dr. Watson and his assistants, they are always so kind and make us feel like family.
Justin Starnes
00:49 20 Dec 19
I have been coming to them for dental care under Dr. Santarufo for about a year. She is wonderful! I just had a root canal and was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Dr. Watson kindly explained the procedure to me and was gentle and patient throughout the whole process. I almost fell asleep! I didn't feel any pain! ???? The staff is very friendly and professional and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Great clinic! ????
Robyn Lilly
17:27 22 Dec 19
The receptionist was very attentive. I did not have to be called back! I was there for a zoom whitening treatment. Heather did my treatment and she was the best! She explained everything to me that she was doing and explained what I might experience after the treatment. The results are amazing!!
Darlene Bryant
21:15 02 Jan 20
I received exceptional care during my procedure today. The doctor and tech was very professional. They provided reassurance when I was anxious. Thanks for a great job.
Evora Knight
21:57 04 Feb 20
Very nice and comfortable environment. Everyone in the office was very nice. The office is clean and welcoming. Dr. Watson explains the best plan to be where I can afford it. Awesome Office.
DeBoria Lowery
22:04 25 Feb 20
Eastover Dental is awesome!!! The environment is always welcoming and pleasant!!! Kalesha is so kind and gentle with my mouth. Iím looking forward to the next visit.Although, I saw someone different today, my visit was just as pleasant as always!!! Thanks Eastover Dental for taking care of me!!!
Tamekia Pendleton
23:51 24 Feb 20
The staff at Eastover is more than amazing! I enjoy each visit and always look forward to the next one. Stevey and Kaleisha are so awesome; they care about my dental concerns and provide just in time guidance. I totally recommend this group for your dental needs.
Tonya Moore
20:43 10 Feb 20
Was pleased with my overall experience today. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Thanks Eastover Dental for my visit today
Betty Williams
04:06 25 Feb 20
The staff is always professional and interactive with patients. Even through all the changes, I mange and strive to keep relationships with my hygienist, dentist, support staff, etc. Yíall are a great group!!
Jennifer Wilson
04:00 28 Jan 20
This was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had. Everyone was friendly and treated me as if they knew me already. I felt at home. I hate going to any doctor's office. But this experience was unique. Everything was explained in great detail. I called and inquired about walk in service and they seen me the same day. My pain was eased, prescription was written, and follow up for other work was scheduled right away. I greatly appreciate the service and will be recommending! Thank you!
Charlotte Rudd
22:09 26 Mar 20
Great staff and doctors! They make you feel very comfortable and informed!
Samantha McEachern
20:54 28 May 20
The best dental group Iíve ever used! So kind and friendly. I called for an appointment and was given one the same day only to have Dr.Watson call me back and ask me to come in even sooner because he was worried about the swelling I was experiencing. I felt completely cared for by all of the staff. They listened to me and walked me through all of my options. I actually look forward to going to the dentist now!
Indy Awkward
00:20 03 Jul 20
Iíve been coming to Eastover Dental for years! I wouldnít trust my smile to anyone else! The staff is the best!!!
Shaun Shirey
14:00 03 Sep 20
I went to this group for over a decade and had enjoyed a great experience until recently. Around March, my hygienist decided to retire. My 8:30 AM Monday morning August appointment, which had been scheduled since Jan or Feb, was cancelled the day before/the morning of. They said it was because Dana had retired. What? Sheís been retired for about 4 months, and thatís the excuse for cancelling?! They sent conflicting text messages to me on a Sunday, which they didnít answer me when I responded. So, when I called on Monday when they opened, they said they could actually fit me in if I could hurry up there. So I told them Iíd be there at 8:50-9:00. When I got there at 9, they were like, ďOh, sorryówe actually have another appointment soon. We thought youíd be here sooner. Would it be a big deal for you to reschedule?Ē I told them I Got there when I said, took off work, and drove up there because they said I could. The hygienist rushed through my appointment (although I think the work was likely quality) and was sure to convince me to pay for fluoride treatment, something many believe to be unnecessary for adults.I had a small surface filling necessary. So, I scheduled the soonest appointment: a month later. The afternoon before the appointment, after texting to confirm it earlier, they called to reschedule for a time another month out.At that point, I contacted another dentist to have my charts sent so I could compare the cost. It was less expensive, and Iím sure they can honor their appointment timeóunlike unprofessional Eastover Dental.When I called to cancel my appointment for the filling and my next cleaning, they apparently had already cancelled my filling appointment without 1.) telling me or 2.) asking if I wanted to. Perhaps they assumed when I asked for my charts to sent. Glad that Iíve set myself up with a new dentist. Fool me once, fool me twice, and then a third time with quietly cancelling the appointmentónow Iím done. I feel like theyíre likely one of the more expensive dentists in the area, and for what? A overhyped location with poor service. Scheduling should be one of the easiest parts of the operation, but they canít manage that. They used to be top-notch, but Iím not going to be messed around with them anymore. I imagine my experience isnít too out ordinary nowadays. I do not recommend them, and after going there for 10+ years, I canít believe that Iím switching to someone new.
Mark Bolton
15:53 16 Sep 20
I love this dental office! This is my 1st ďadult dentistĒ since my pediatric dentist retired & I aged out last year lol! However, the place is beautiful & clean. The staff members are so nice & personable!
Kaitlin Hewitt
14:28 23 Sep 20
Dr. Santarufo is the kindest, most compassionate dentist Iíve ever been to. She made the dental work as painless and comfortable as possible and that is so important to me as a patient. I havenít had any problems or issues with any of the dental work while seeing her and her personality is wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Santarufo!!!!
Heather Brown
20:46 04 Oct 20
Really took the time out to explain everything
Cedric Williams
20:44 07 Oct 20
Awesome atmosphere! Kalesha is the best hygienist ever! She made me feel very comfortable and thoroughly rendered her services!
Jasmine Rosemon
14:38 12 Oct 20
I love them. They're super friendly, patient and professional. I generally hate the dentist, but I like it here.
shea jenkins
20:03 15 Oct 20
Excellent top to bottom! First time receiving care here and I will return. Wonderful care.
Daniel Carson
19:51 08 Mar 21
Dr. Westover and Heather are the best!!!I am always very satisfied everytime I have to be there.
Claudia Rodriguez
03:39 28 Oct 20
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