New Smile New Year Resolution

Its a new year and new decade and for the dental-minded, that symbolizes another opportunity to take better care of our teeth! We want to challenge you all with just one challenge that will significantly improve your dental health: make your New Years Resolution flossing daily. Here are some reminders why:

Why floss especially if I already brush?

This may come as a shocker while 2-minute tooth brushing sessions 2 times a day is highly recommended, brushing alone only accounts for a small fraction of your dental hygiene! There is only so much surface area that your toothbrush can handle, and when it comes to some of the harder to reach areas between your teeth and at your gum line, your toothbrush needs a handy trade off with a more specialized tool.

Flossing keeps your gums healthy, your teeth clean, is a critical aid in the prevention of cavities and dental-related illness, and can definitely keep your breath fresher and keep you feeling confident all day long.


When to floss?

Aside from daily, most people tend to floss at night before they go to bed. You might want to keep some floss handy at work or after meals, however. If you are already in a good routine of flossing, a quick floss here and there can only help your overall dental health.

What do I do if my gums are bleeding?

While you may find that, over a small period of time, your gum condition may turn around, persistent bleeding gums should not be grounds for you to abandon ship. It could be symptomatic of a larger problem! However, we are here to help. Schedule a visit, and well get you on the path to a better smile in no time.

Thanks for reading! Heres to a great new year and healthier smile in 2020!


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