Summertime is full of fun, and your schedule is packed with activities, or lazy days at home. During the summer, you may have extra time to get the entire family in for their regular hygiene and dental exams. Regular dental maintenance can save you big dollars on reconstruction in the future. Here are a few reminders of why regular appointments are so important.

  1. While it is a necessity to brush and floss at home, it is still vital to have your teeth cleaned by a specially trained dental hygienist. Our hygienists will gently remove plaque and tartar that you are not able to get rid of with brushing alone.
  2. Our dentists and staff will check for cavities or any indication of gum disease. These issues can quickly develop into a much larger problem. Without having dental examinations, you could be left paying for root canals, dealing with sensitivity and pain, or leave gum disease or mouth cancer untreated.


Our staff hopes that you will make time during your summer schedule to come and see us. We love being able to offer our patients affordable and quality dental care!

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