School is out and the weather is warming up! It is time to break out the popsicles and swim suits and enjoy fun with your family and friends! While you are enjoying all the summer has to offer, dont let keeping your teeth healthy slip your mind. Here are a few tips.

1. Brush your teeth after enjoying the swimming pool. Pools can contain high levels of chlorine, which can actually weaken your teeth.

2. Wear a mouth guard when playing sports. The summer time offers plenty opportunities to enjoy a variety of sports- baseball, volleyball, skating, etc. Mouth guards will help save your smile from chipping or losing a tooth.

3. Snack healthy! Homemade ice-cream, snow cones, and popsicles are a great way to cool off, but can contain extra sugar content. Dont forget to limit your intake and brush your teeth after enjoying.

4. Take advantage of the down time! While school is out and life is more relaxed, make time for routine dental hygiene appointments. We will be glad to accommodate your schedule.

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