How often do you consider the effect that your favorite foods have on your teeth? Did you know that some foods actually promote good oral health? Check out our list, and be more mindful of what foods you choose.

Dentist APPROVED Foods!

1. Dairy- The calcium in dairy products helps to prevent decay. The casein can even help repair enamel!

2. Raw Onions- Onions have powerful antibacterial fighting properties that fight against cavities and gum disease.

3. Apples- The fiber in apples promotes saliva production, which helps rinse away bacteria.

4. Broccoli- This Vitamin C packed green veggie can help reduce inflammation.

5. Fatty Fish- Fish can help absorb calcium while the omega 3 reduces gum inflammation.

6. Unsweetened Green Tea- The polyphenols in green tea help to reduce bacteria. The beverage is also known to be rich in fluoride.

Eat these in MODERATION!

1. Pickles- This delicious snack is said to be the worst food for your teeth, because of the large amounts of acidic vinegar.

2. White Bread- While it is full of useless sugar, this bread has a tendency to stick in crevices and creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

3. Citrus- This one is obvious. Citrus can erode enamel and irritate mouth sores.

4. Ice- Dont do it! Chewing ice is a good way to cause damage.

5. Sports Drinks- Drink in moderation! The high levels of acid and sugar are alarming.

6. Coffee & Tea- Aside from staining your teeth, these drinks can cause dry mouth.

Are some of your favorite foods on this list? Do you think you could make some changes to benefit your teeth?

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