Another year has come and gone. 2018 is in full swing! With the start of another year, are you contemplating any new year resolutions? Sure- we know the typical ones. You want to eat better and exercise more. You are going to kick all of those bad habits. On the weekends, you are going to get up early and enjoy the day. This year, you want to travel to all the places you have longed to go. But are you overlooking something equally important and rewarding?

This year, we challenge you to make an effort to take care of your teeth! We have compiled a guide for you to reach your optimal oral health. Happy New Year!

Replace your tooth brush regularly. How often do you replace your toothbrush? Dont wait until the bristles are frayed. You should change brushes every 3 months and after you get over any type of sickness. You dont want those germs sticking around!

Make regular visits every 6 months. You should make a commitment to come in for regular, professional cleanings every 6 months. In addition to getting your teeth as clean as possible, we can help you monitor any areas of decay and help you to prevent major work in the long run.

Floss daily. In addition to brushing your teeth at least twice a day, you should also floss. We know this can be hard for most people. Everyone seems to skip this vital step! Flossing is every important because it helps remove debris that brushing can miss. You should always floss before you brush. If you arent flossing, you are missing 35% of your tooth surfaces.

Brush for two minutes. Brushing your teeth is great- but, you should be brushing for 2 minutes. When brushing, you should hold the brush at a 45-degree angle, aiming towards the gum line, and moving in a circular motion. Ideally, you should brush each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds, including the back of your teeth. Dont forget to brush your tongue!

Clean up your diet. In addition to great flossing and brushing habits, you should also reduce sugary and acidic foods from your diet. Foods of this nature can cause cavities and damage your enamel.

Drink lots of water. Dont forget to cut back on sodas, coffees, and teas! These drinks can also lead to decay and staining. By increasing your water intake, you are getting the fluoride that your teeth need to be strong and healthy. Drinking water after eating can also help rinse away food particles.

Kick the bad habits. Smoking and using other forms of tobacco are widely known to be harmful to your oral health. While they can lead to oral cancer, they also cause staining. Speaking of bad habitsdo you grind your teeth? Start the new year off right by getting a mouth guard. These can help lessen the tension and will ease any jaw pain.

We hope these tips will help you meet your oral health goals this year. If you are interested in more advice or would like to discuss any of our cosmetic options, such as teeth whitening, please call us. Happy New Year!

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